Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waiting for God's next Episode

Good Morning to my few faithful fellow Folders (no, it is not "F" day in the blog Alphabet Challenge). Always appreciate those who pop in. I don't often check out other blogs, but I did this morning and found a writer whose current post had 80+ comments! After reading, I couldn't understand the huge response, so I thought I'd check out a few other posts. Same thing. Aye, the mystery of it all.

We had a big store meeting. Clearly one of the engaged employees, oddly enough I did not receive an award. Later, my supervisor handed me the award and said she "forgot" to present it to me during the meeting. Praise God, my Old Man didn't spit, kick, or sass back! I guess that means my New Creation is pushing her out. Interestingly enough, later in the week a female store manager told me she needed to see me and asked me when my lunch was, I figured it was business. She gave me a bottle of one of my favorite perfumes! Folder, you must appreciate the enormity of this gesture. Managers are not supposed to hobnob with the underlings, let alone give them gifts. I know she's seen the trials that I've endured, my hard work, and the testimony to keep on keeping on, and wanted to express her thanks. My daughter, who currently is interviewing for the exact position, said she could get fired for this action. I will not tell a soul, but I marvel that God put it on her heart and she risked by obeying Him. Lord, bless A., bless her family, her health, and draw her closer to You.

Had a job nibble. Passed the phone interview and the first in-person interview. Confusion clouded every step of the way. At first, I thought the negative influence was my adversary, but then I had the third interview. I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, and she called. My Mom was undergoing a procedure, and the gal REALLY wanted to meet that day, but it had to be before 4:00 because the CFO had to take his daughter to a doctor appointment. I panicked. The first two interviews went so well. I called my Mom's friend, and she said she could pick her up. I felt really uncomfortable doing that, the unease clung to my entire body. When I asked how much longer it would be, the nurse locked her gaze on me as if, to say, "Are you an elder-abuser, don't you care about your Mom?" I decided to run home, professionalize and play it by ear. Mom's friend "B" called to say that the hospital called, Mom was ready to go, BUT B's  DAUGHTER TOOK HER CAR AND SHE COULDN'T PICK MOM UP! Oy. Why in the world did she commit in the first place? Anyway, I zoomed back to the hospital, brought Mom home, dressed her for bed, gave her crackers, water, phone, TV, and drove 40 minutes to the interview.

Let's just say, the interview was awkward. They couldn't tell me what my title would be, what my duties would entail, or much of anything. Here's my take: The CEO decided to have a semblance of a life, and during her absences, the old CFO and other employees drove her business into the ground, possibly even stealing from her. This comes from my discernment radar - none of this was actually said out loud. Further, the secretary of 2 1/2 years just quit, telling me that the chaos was too much. They need someone who can help clean up the mess and eventually settle into a solidified role/position. I made it clear that I was not going to be a receptionist, and they assured me that that would not be the case. Now, I am an excellent problem-solver, I can see how to make things better, tighter, more efficient, and cost-effective. BUT, if they call back, I am going to up the anti. The confusion wasn't necessarily the adversary - it was the company.  The thing that stuck in my craw was the absence of regard for my elderly mother in the hospital having a medical procedure. And, my willingness to go along with the madness.  My very important CEO Big Wig cousin said that that is a red flag - not all the confusion or chaos, but the disregard for my family. The interview didn't even go that well, so they may not call back. I'm OK with that, accepting God's best for me may not involve this company. Plus, it's a long commute. Bleh.

On the upside, if they do offer the job to me, the mother ship will take me back to my home planet of "White-Collar" world. Visiting "Blue-Collar" world has been an education, I've learned the language, customs, and culture. The inhabitants are mostly wonderful people, but we don't share many common interests. Even the customers notice that I'm not a native and say, "You're not from this world are you?" I smile, "No, I'm just visiting." Longer than I expected...waiting for my Visa to expire. Last week, one couple asked, "Why are you not managing this store?" Inside my head I thought, "Ask God." I also get a lot of, "Wow, you smell good!" I'm not sure why this is unique, but apparently it is.

The home planet came from a funny story. My buddhist friend, "S," while highly intelligent and funny as a stand-up comedian, was recalling, with disdain, a time when "these corporate guys, with their shiny black shoes, crisp white shirts and black pants were here evaluating the department...." And I interrupted her and said, "The mother ship has come for me!"

I could learn a second language during the commute, and I enjoy helping companies segue into enhanced/improved versions of their formal selves. I've done it before, with documentation, and it would make my corporate resume more current and beefy.

Mom is not doing well, so it's a blessing I haven't heard about the job yet. Still waiting on her test results. I can see she is failing. I'm not scared of her dying. She's made it clear that she's ready to go. When I moved in to take care of her, I knew that my awesome Christian Spirit would influence her relationship with God - it didn't. In fact, her negativity nearly drove me to despair. I've found a way to not absorb her Debbie-Downer moods, and she's found a way not to crab and complain about every little thing. She told me years back that that when she passed, she would be in God's nursery, because her faith is so small. I think she's right. But I'm glad she'll be there, and that I can help her last days be better. She's repented of so many things, but never feels forgiven. Condemnation, that wretched task-master, relentlessly hounds her. Without recognizing why, she says, "I feel so safe when you're here."

Just received THE email - I did not get the job. Funny thing, I don't feel sad or disappointed. Hmmm. I guess that means God has something else in mind? Well, back to trolling online job ads. My protruding disc and arthritis in my back are begging me not to go in to work today, but alas, it is what it is. Sometimes living by faith is akin to watching your life like it's a TV show. Diz didn't get the job, but who knows what next week's show will be like. Will it be a rerun? Or, an Emmy Award winning episode? Will there be a surprise guest appearance? Will it be filmed in another location?

I guess you'll just have to tune in for an All New Episode of The 100 Fold Christian, starring Diz and her cast of single initialed characters. Viewer discretion is not advised - come one, come all.


  1. Lol, nice. Someone's feeling chipper today! What a fun read. Loved the "home world/just visiting/you smell good" part.

    Guess the job wasn't for you... your internal radar is quite precise.


  2. Hilarious. I was, oddly enough, praying for your job situation as I mowed the yard yesterday, around 5:00pm CST, which I suppose was after this post was up. Anyway, still praying for it all. No updates on my end, by the way. I would have been suspicious of the job, too.

  3. The "smell good" thing happened again today - it's at least once a day.

    Thanks, boys, for tuning in. Logan, bless you for praying for me, I'm still praying for you, too!