Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello, Fellow Folders! I did not forget about you, in fact, I have been praying much about the blog and the faithful few. The post I am currently working on is taking longer than anticipated. I liken my post-writing to a funnel: Poured in to the top of the funnel includes the information currently preached to the American Christian; doctrinal myths and gold nuggets; heavy Bible input; prayer to sift out the nonsense; and finally, presenting a condensed, blog-length version of what a 100-Folder will find useful now and in the days to come. I hope to have it done in the next week, so stay tuned!

A young woman from work asked me out to lunch last week, desiring to learn about God. Honestly, I thought she would cancel, but when I showed up at Chili's she and her toddler were sitting at a table waiting for me. No matter how often it happens, I'm always surprised to meet young people who have been raised without any knowledge of the Lord. In fact, I overheard one woman in the break room say that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were lovers, which I assumed she "learned" from the Da Vinci Code movies. In just two generations, our American foundation has been jackhammered apart. People can't fathom how the Holocaust happened....but without God, there's no moral thermometer to measure righteousness, and the stage can easily be set again.  I read a comment a young "Christian" posted on FaceBook stating that she does what is right for her and doesn't preach to others what is right for them, and after a slew of comments in response to her statement, she threw out the "don't judge" catchall phrase. There is great danger when we, or weak, ineffective non-biblical teaching, becomes our moral foundation.

My heart has been so heavy these past weeks, probably another reason for not posting. Before a change, I sense it is coming, but must remain vigilant in prayer and repentance. I am trying to decide if it's God's new endeavor is solely for me, or my family, too.  He hasn't said who are included, so I have directed them to pray and hear what He is saying to them. When it all flushes out, I will keep you posted (never can resist a pun), but it's difficult to walk out my parallel lives.

Simply put, God wants me to adapt to the new things He's doing. I am old enough to understand what the church has been like for many decades, and young enough to see that much of it is failing to bring forth the kind of men and women of God that will have to pass through the fires that I have walked. These precious people are sincere, but woefully ill-equipped to withstand the wiles that the enemy, who even now, is setting up scenarios to cause their hearts to grow cold when their tribulation really kicks in to gear. Regardless of which theology you embrace, we all can agree that the walls are closing in on Christians. God doesn't waste suffering and chastening: Part of the reason I lived my American house of horrors is so that I could come along side my brothers and sisters in Christ and say, "Be strong" (Isaiah 41:6). God took my heart back to that place, for a brief moment during prayer, and the pain was so intense and overwhelming. Two things went through my mind: How did I make it, and how will they make it?

I barely made it.

An easy, "sensible" alternative will be waiting on the side-lines for those who decide to take it, but behind the facade is the enemy,  luring them to escape the riches and glories that await those who are obedient.

That said, I promise that this is not doom and gloom. Yes, it will require tremendous prayer and repentance, but it will be a glorious adventure, sprinkled with miracles, and resulting in an intimate relationship with the Father that can be found no other way. A "brother in the Lord" recently shook his head slowly, side to side, wondering about how he will make it in the days to come. I said, "Don't worry, I went before you so that I could help you." That isn't entirely true - he will have to sacrifice his will and way, keep his eyes on God, and pray like sixty - then I can encourage him.

My prayer life is exploding with surprising awarenesses. In speaking to two different men of great faith, both confirmed that something new is on the horizon for my life. One likened the heaviness on my heart to the strain and stretching of an archer's bow, as it it pulled back taut and tense, when released it will powerfully fly forth to God's target. Isn't that an awesome picture?

I'm spending so much time in prayer and study, I have little time between that and working full-time to craft this blog. I asked God again if I should continue, and I believe He's saying yes. The post I'm working on is about miracles, and I have listened to enough philosophical and apologetic teaching regarding the topic that I wonder how some of these people can get dressed by themselves in the morning. So, until it's completed, I just wanted you to know I haven't been a fickle poster, but earnestly desiring to present excellent Bible-jerky for you to chew on to counteract the pablum that is so freely offered at the Lord's table in America.

Bless you and may God strengthen you for the days to come.

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  1. I like the bow analogy a lot. And the phrase "bible jerky" lol... I love jerky, but it gets in my teeth...

    "I once was flossed, but now I'm found..."