Saturday, February 11, 2012

God is Good - All the Time!

I'd like to start out by saying, "GOD IS GOOD - ALL THE TIME!" No, I didn't get my way recently, finally get that dream job, or fall into tons of money. I just believe He's good. I'm so grateful that He called me from the foundations of the earth and is using my 100-Fold life-style to reveal the many ways He has blessed me and to eek out every unrepentant sin.

My kids and I rented some movies from a Red Box. I don't have the time or inclination to go to movie theaters, so I'm greatly out of the loop when it comes to modern movies. Not steeping in the pot of slowly heated water (the boiled frog anecdote), I was shocked at the nastiness of the plots! I am grateful to God that I am not desensitized to sin so that I wasn't aware of the glop of garbage coming off the screen. I realize that not all modern movies are like this, but how grievous that this is the only "preaching" that many people are hearing. How blessed am I to have received such rich teaching over the past 30 years. 

I have been involved in many formal studies of the Bible, so it "suddenly" seemed obvious that I should enroll in on online Bible school. I have a business background/degree and was convinced that I should use my extensive skills in the business world, but God has shut every door (and window, for my platitude friends :), and though I want God's will, the locks never failed to frustrate me.  I recently purchased a used book by John Maxwell, a famous business writer, and after reading it (and years of prayer), I have decided that I want to work for God. Yes, I realize in a sense that we all work for God through our testimonies, prayers, church work, etc.....but I mean gainfully employed. At this point, I have NO IDEA what that entails, but I want to start preparing. Because you don't know me, you can't appreciate what a huge leap of faith this is for me, even putting it down in writing for others to read. Until the next directive, I'll continue to work at my menial job, being tested and tried, but that makes for a better employee for God, wouldn't you say?

My e-friend, David Wagner, recently hosted a lively debate about idols in the comment section of his blog. It's worth taking the time to read, lots of valuable truths. God is so cool about the way He orchestrates these seemingly happenstance situations. I am free from so many "common" idols that my peers struggle with, but recently was faced with reality that my children are an idol!  After reading David's blog, the Bible CD in my car convicted me "Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me" (Matthew 10:37). Uh oh. I love my kids so much, in fact, my entire goal and prayer for the past 25 years was to be the best Mom possible. I'm so proud of the Christian people they have become, but through all my good works, prayers, and support, I believe I've slipped into idolatry. I laid my hand on the forehead of my one adult child, and confessed. Talk about a tightrope walk. I have no idea how to change, so Lord, please help me to love my children the way you intended, and forgive me for the times I've loved them more than You. 

We recently watched a few "Illuminati" documentaries. Another reason I'm so blessed that God has His hand on me and that I'm part of His team. It's not a conspiracy theory, it's simply a fact that the enemy wants to claim this world as his own (Revelation 12:9). I've never been a "head in the sand" person, and have followed the shenanigans of satan's puppets over many decades, but I take comfort in the fact that the "one who is in (me) is greater than the one who is in the world" (John 4:4). It's creepy to learn of the extreme evil that people will employ to ensure that their power and wealth stay intact. One talented musician, resigned to his lot, sadly said in a 60 Minutes program said, "I made a bargain with the D....a long time ago, I'm holding up my end, to get where I am now, (I made a bargain) with the chief commander of this earth and the world we can't see." God, through Christ, can deliver these bound people anytime, anywhere, if they would only ask. They will still reap to what they have sown while alive, but they can be free from the clutches of satan and not have to spend eternity with him. So sad. So dark. So creepy.

Still battling health problems. It's funny how we woman are: We fret about the weight we put on due to child-bearing, hormones, and aging; but when we become ill, and start becoming skin and bones, we fret about not being able to put on weight. I should probably rename this blog: The Perpetual Conundrum. 

Thanks for tuning in, whoever you may be. Remember, any and all prayers are greatly appreciated. May God bless you for taking the time to read my meanderings, and may you receive comfort from the comfort I myself have received.


  1. Ah, my day improved the moment I saw that you'd updated your blog!

    I think online Bible and "working for God" both make perfect sense. Pardon how hokey this sounds, but as I read your words about it, I felt confirmation that it was the right path. Man, that sounds like such a religious thing to say, sorry! But I don't know how else to put it...

    I'll certainly keep you and your kids in my prayers.

    Dave (A Platitude Friend!)

  2. Dave,

    THANKS! The words of encouragement, confirmation, and prayers are greatly coveted :)