Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Believing in Miracles: Part IV; Types

One thing about being a Folder, life is never dull.

My wrist is healing, but my elbow is on fire. The doctor is sending me to a specialist. This all sounds fine and dandy except that: I have to attend a minimum of two physical therapies a week and see the doctor. I don't receive pay for this, so I am losing some of my already small weekly cache. If I don't meet those requirements, I lose the benefits.  The struggle at work is frustrating - and I always end up doing too much, which, by the way, could cause me to violate the doctor's orders and release the store from it's financial obligation. I've been pondering the irritating Christian adage: When God closes a door, He opens the window. Brother, sister, my cell has neither, so I'm praying that God will blast the roof off this work situation. The doctor, in his careful, "I can't say too much" way said, "Have you thought of another line of work?" Hmmm, does applying for over 100 jobs, and trying to network with every customer who comes to my department count?  The bottom line, I believe that a breakthrough is near and I will be so excited to share the news with my faithful few!

My Mom had her gallbladder out last week and she is recovery slowly. The sibs didn't call to see how she was, send her flowers, card, etc...This makes my heart so heavy, as I know how much pain it causes Mom.  Then we received news three nights ago that my brother suffered another severe stroke and Mom is so distraught. Isn't a Mother's love amazing? Her kids don't give her the time of day, and she still cares so much. I took the day off from work, washed and styled her hair, and drove her to the hospital where she struggled to walk to the ICU.  Did God know what He was doing when He moved me out here or what?  God is Good!

I've been attending a Bible Study with some ladies that I met last spring. It is such a huge blessing to be able to spend time with such sweet, dedicated Christians. My leader is from my hometown and we have mutual acquaintances - coincidence? I think not. The teaching is basic, but I am praying to understand God's direction in bringing me to the group. I've always been so self-focused, I sometimes forget to consider what "younger" Christians may need. This article by David Wilkerson really shouted at me when I read it, perhaps it may be an encouragement to you, too.

Oddly enough, the topic of the Bible Study is "Spiritual Gifts Discovery." I completed a questionnaire, as did three of my friends regarding their observations of my past ministry involvement, and the results were all very similar! Gifts from the Holy Spirit are assigned by God, but we are encouraged to eagerly desire the greater gifts (I Corinthians 12:31, 14:1). The gifts my friends observed, while accurate, don't exclude additional gifts, as God is always on the move and each season may require other gifts to serve the body.

Today I wanted to talk about the types of miracles (also referred to as signs and wonders). As previously mentioned, popular Apologists have broken down the types of miracles in to 74 easy steps (ugh) and during my research it became disheartening to read ANY of the commentaries attached to the various scriptures and Greek/Hebrew definitions. I cannot understand why some Christian people are so bent on taking the word of God, the glory of His wonders, and dissecting them into unbelief or unempowered happenstance.

Miracles cover a broad range of supernatural experiences. Controlling nature, including weather, planets, land, and animals are attributes of miracles. Some Biblical examples are: Parting the Red Sea; the Nile turning to blood and the other plagues in Egypt; withholding rain; famines; and darkness covering the land when Jesus was crucified (not to mention the simultaneous ripping of the veil in the temple). Involvement in our everyday needs such as food, money, and care. Examples include:  Elijah providing oil (money) for the widow at Zarephath; Jesus multiplying bread and fish to feed thousands; and tax money found in the mouth of the fish.

Here's what I finnd interesting: Miracles seem to umbrella the gifts of healing and deliverance. Paul's healing handkerchief was referred to as a miracle. When Jesus' visited his hometown, Mark states that the only miracles that Jesus could perform were a few healings because of the lack of faith by the hometown folk. I Corithinians 12 lists the gifts of miracles and healing separately, so I conclude that if one embodies the gift of miracles, it includes anything supernatural that changes the laws of nature: Animal, vegetable, mineral, and the human body and spirit.

As to the types of miracles that are to appear during the times of the two witnesses, my pea brain cannot imagine what they might be, I know they are only to give God the glory and serve others for the common good. Additionally, if they are administered without love, they not only resemble a resounding gong or clanging cymbal (annoying), but God may decide He never knew those who performed them (this will be covered in the last two sections).

David Wilkerson believes there are two types of miracles: Instantaneous and progressive. Instantaneous is the immediate recognition of the miracle, such as a sudden healing or rain immediately stopping. The progressive is the more challenging miracle and that is why many Christians keep a journal. We ask for a miracle but God takes time setting all the chess pieces into place so that by the time it occurs, we often  forget it's a miraculous answer to prayer! Remember when God withheld rain for three years, only to have Elijah pray for its return? I have been the recipient of both types, and will share them in the final installment.

Much to my delight, my daughter told me she really enjoyed the way I write my blog. Balancing solid scriptural information in an easy to read format is my goal. I've surfed other sites, and while I can easily follow their line of thought, my blog is intended for those who know their Bible well and are looking for Biblical support and camaraderie for their end-time lives. This was confirmed while trying to wade through the threads on a topical Biblical site. Bless their souls, quoting so much scripture without living through the American fiery trials to back them up - dead.

I want to encourage you to make time for prayer and earnestly desire God's gifts. I write that as much to myself as to you. If God's words are written on our hearts, and the time comes when we are without our Bibles, we can still cling to His promises through prayer, faith, and the operation of His gifts. Last year I mentioned a disturbing dream I had suggesting the intensifying persecution headed to America will, in part, come from other "Christians." As I've been reading the writings of other Christians, the Lord has chillingly confirmed this (as does Revelations!). Let's continue in repentance and the enemy will not have toe-hold on our lives. That doesn't mean we will escape the trouble, but we will come through it and hear the glorious words, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"


  1. Thanks for the reminder, as far as progressive miracles. They do often go unnoticed in my life, since they aren't immediate... never really thought about it like that before.

    And thanks for resisting the urge to lay it out for us in 74 easy steps...

  2. I realize these posts are snippets of what I could write (especially with my lengthy notes :), but my motivation is to remind my e-friends that we experience miracles, perhaps even daily, contrary to what many Christians are taught. By recognizing miracles at work in our lives, our faith is bolstered knowing that God loves and cares for us - even when He "seems" far away. If our eyes can be opened to these Biblical truths, how much more thankful and grateful will our hearts be? And that joy will then provide us strength to press on!

    Encouraged to know that you are receiving something helpful from my "series" :)